Concierge Membership

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Why not experience the best as an RV owner?

Introducing the Concierge Membership Services designed to make your RV life that much easier and more comfortable.

Get access to the following
extras when you become a member:


We’ll provide you with a full service rental program similar to a property manager for your vacation rental on wheels. Let us monetize your unused RV days by renting them out on the newest sites for owners. Turn your RV into a cash producing machine that can bring you $5k-$45k+ a year in extra income.


When you do want to use your RV we will bring it to you setup and ready to go with everything you need from groceries to propane and everything in between. When you are done with your trip we pick it up from you and clean it from top to bottom and handle everything for you. The best part is the cost just come out of your rental proceeds!


For most of our concierge clients we provide storage on our lot or on one of our partner storage places


Having a membership means that we will always make that your RV is stocked with food and beverages of your preference.


For our partners who find out social security or rental houses dont bring in that much extra cash flow we now have another option for you. With a small amount of cash you can buy multiple RVs and put them to work for you providing you with a nice steady cash flow of thousands per month with not much risk.


We are proud to have partnered with Vacation Safeguard which is like an insurance policy that always pays out providing you with a guaranteed return on the cost of your RV. If you buy our policy up front in 7-20 years depending upon what you select you can have a guarantee of 50-125% of your RV money back in our annuity like program in addition to all of the monthly cash flow.

Owning an RV has never been such a guarantee and we do our best to make sure our owner partners are protected in every way possible from financial loss or property damage.

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