Luxury RV Rentals

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Traveling in an RV can also be turned into a luxury experience thanks to the new sharing economy. Instead of these little RV rentals you commonly see we are able to offer larger and more luxurious units for the approximate same price if not less.

Luxury RV Rentals are classified as Class A, Class C, travel trailers and vehicles that come with the following benefits:

  • ​Class A RVs are motorized allowing passengers to travel in comfort and luxury with all the state-of-the-art amenities to enjoy;
  • ​In these luxury RV’s and trailers you have transportation, accommodation, entertainment, dining, and comfort integrated into just one RV Rental;
  • ​With companies like Airbnb going mainstream and providing hotels competition with more luxurious condos and houses for less than a hotel room. It has now opened up the RV market for a similar experience. You can now rent a luxurious RV or trailer from an owner who is not using his with twice the amenities for a similar or less price than these RV rental companies.
  • Class A RVs, C’s and trailers are usually expandable to give you more space because they are generally equipped with slide-outs. They have high-quality floorings, solid wood closets, stainless steel appliances, and smart TVs with a home theater system. With these amenities, it’s hard not to think you are in your very own home and not an RV;
  • Class A RVs have ample storage, outdoor showers, push-button awnings and you can even enjoy a barbecue with the provided outdoor grill in the extended space you can use as a patio;
  • If you are going to rent an RV wouldn’t you want to get the best one available especially if it is for the same price.
  • They are very light and smooth to maneuver as they are equipped with power steering and they are surprisingly easy to drive even if it is your first time

Turn your road trip into a luxurious and comfortable journey by renting a Luxury Rental coach or trailer for your next trip through a private owner on our site. We provide everything from linens, kitchen equipment, outdoor games, indoor games, wireless internet, Instapot, cooler, tv’s, stereos, firesticks with Netflix, hulu, and amazon prime along with spices and everything else you may need for your trip!

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